Aims of the Foundation

While I have been fortunate to have made my living from golf, it is primarily and fundamentally a game to be played for fun, enjoyment, relaxation and recreation.

I am not sure what percentage of the population play, but I know it is quite small in worldwide terms. Ireland has a long association and a rich tradition with the game, and while the Foundation may not be able to influence matters worldwide, I’m hopeful that we may be able to make some differences here.

With this in mind, the Darren Clarke Foundation was established with two specific aims, and they remain as important to me now as they did when the Foundation started in 2002.

  • To introduce the game of golf and the qualities of honesty, integrity, responsibility, fair play and equality. This, in addition to the fun of simply playing the game to children of all ages in all parts of Ireland who might not otherwise be exposed to it. I want kids of all ages to get a chance to experience this great game and I certainly don’t want to hear in years to come any kids say: “I’d love to have tried golf… but I never got the chance.”
  • To pass on some of my knowledge and some of the experience that I have gained during my career. My ideas here were to target the boys and girls who are already making a name for themselves and are already successful. Can I assist them and help them get better? Can I help them with preparation for a tournament, their diet, flexibility, fitness, practice regimes and routines? Over the past several years I have developed close personal relationships with a number of young amateur golfers who have attended the Champions Weekends. I have enjoyed their company immensely and many of them remind me of myself at that age; hungry, eager to learn, happy to practice all hours of the day and prepared to put in whatever work is necessary to achieve success. It is very satisfying for me to see the level and depth of talent that exists in Irish junior golf and there is a visible increase in the standards with each year that passes.

Further to number one, I’m delighted to mention our relationship with the Newry Golf Schools League and Junior Golf Ireland. Our partnership with the latter involves several initiatives, including an endorsement of the Player Manual by the Foundation, a beginners/infants pee wee type tournament sponsored by the Foundation and a number of scholarships whereby the Foundation will promote and pay for promising juniors to become members of recognised golf clubs. I am hopeful that with the weight and support of the Foundation, Junior Golf Ireland will go from strength to strength. Please check out the Junior Golf Ireland section of this website and visit Junior Golf Ireland for further information.

In relation to number two, it is my belief that the Champions Weekend has proven to be a popular annual event and I hope it will continue for many years to come. Please go to the Champions Weekend section for further details on how to qualify and what’s involved in the Champions Weekend.

Away from the course, the Foundation is also committed to raising money for various cancer charities. As some of you may know, it is a disease that has directly affected my life and I feel passionately about helping out the many organisations that provide such wonderful and inspiring support and care.

Thanks to everyone who has helped the Foundation and me in any way to achieve our aims and objectives. We will continue to go forward seeking new challenges and further initiatives for the Foundation.

I hope I see you somewhere along the way and thanks for taking the time to visit the website.

Foundation Partners

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